Picsart Vs Canva – Which one is better?

Online photos, design, and video editors like Canva and Picsart are incredible apps. They help you create fun or professional photos without downloading the editing tool. Both apps are available in the Google Play Store and on the browser. But many people need clarification about Picsart vs Canva; which website should they use for editing? It’s because both have unique and stunning features.

When it comes to picking the one from Picsart vs Canva, it may take work. But think less regarding Canva vs. Picsart. In this article, you will learn about both websites, their comparison features, pricing plans, alternatives,s and more content. Keep reading the content!

What is PicsArt

Picsart is an online platform and device app that enables users to edit pictures and create gorgeous images. Furthermore, this app has numerous tools and features such as s effects, filters, stickers, text designing, and many more. However, this social media site allows creators to share their creations with other users and friends.

Online Picsart

Online Picsart is suitable for experts and enthusiasts alike. Change your typical images into astonishing art with online Picsart by applying different filters and effects. Therefore, use colors and textures on your photos and make them unique from the crowd’s photos with online Picsart on your PC.

How to apply Picsart online photo effects

Follow the steps:

Step 1: Upload your Photo

Firstly, choose the photo from your gadget’s gallery.

Step 2: Select effects and customize the image

In the tool editor, use different effects and apply them to your photo. Don’t hesitate to try other effects. Apply various effects and then finalize which one is perfect for your image.

Step 3: Download the Photo

Once satisfied with the customized image, tap “export” and “download” to save it to your device.

How to blur video in PicsArt

Follow some instructions to know how to blur video in Picsart:

Step 1: Open the App

Firstly, open the Picsart platform and press the “plus” button at the lower side of the display.

Step 2: Upload the Video

After the first step, choose the video from your computer or phone.

Step 3: Choose the Blur Effect

Picsart has a wide range of blur effects; click the blur button and search it. Now, several effects appear, like focal, radical, and motion. You can select any effects and place them on the video.

Step 4: Download the Video

Once you add the blur effect to the video, tap the save and export button, save it in your gallery, and send it to your friends.

What is Canva?

Canva is a web tool that helps users to develop attractive and informative visual content. The visual content includes YouTube thumbnails, logos, presentations, graphics, assignments, and social media posts. Also, it has a lot of icons, shapes, graphics, and elements for amusing projects for their brands or audiences. Besides, it also comes with superb import options.

Canva Online Photo Editor

If you want to use the Canva online photo editor for creating business proposals for your clients or customers. Now we’re going to show you how to edit in Canva in the five steps:

Step 1: Upload an Image

Log in to Canva, and then you can see many template options that you can facilitate in making your creative designs. Open the Canva and choose the start button; now, the tool will ask you to select the photo from your device. So, pick the picture and upload it into the editor.

Step 2: Crop the image

Now crop your selected photo according to your requirements.

Step 3: Apply effects and filters

After cropping the selected image, the main work came, applying attractive and appealing effects and adjusting the image. Furthermore, Canva does not provide the effect options in the free plan. So, to use the effects, you will purchase a premium plan.

Step 4: Add Elemts to your image

In the Canva Elements library, you can easily add elements, place text over your image, change their background, etc. Furthermore, if you move to the elements section, you will see graphics, photos, and animations that this tool permits you to put on your pictures.

Step 5: Download your Image

Download the image as easily as a piece of cake. After completing editing, such as applying effects, filters, text, and using suitable animation, download your image onto your computer and share it with your friends and family.

How to blur video in Canva

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Step 1: Open the Canva and choose the template

On the right side of Canva, you will see the video template option. Tab on the template and select any one.

Step 2: Upload the video

After tabbing on the template, you will reach a page with an available upload option. Select the “video,” and then it uploads on the template.

Step 3: Choose the blur effect from the elements

At this level, you have to go to the elements tab and search for the blur in the search bar at the top of the element tab. When you write blur, you will get a lot of blur effects. Choose anyone that appeals to you and, based on the video. Furthermore, you can blur all the video or some of the content.

Step 4: Lessen the timing of the blur effect

After applying the blur effect on a particular part of the video, you are required to change the timing of the blur effect according to the content timeline.

Step 5: Resize the blur effect

It’s time to readjust the effect template. Thus, it only blurs the personal part of the video.

Step 6: Download the Video

Congratulation! You successfully edited the video and blurred the confidential part of the content. Now, you can download it by clicking on the download button.

Final Verdict

Blurring the video in both apps is accessible and understandable, but in Picsart, the blurring process is simple and easy. So, in Picsart vs Canva, PicsArt is the first choice.

Picsart and Canva Features 

Features of Picsart

The Picsart app has a lot of features:

  • It gives an extensive collection of effects, filters, fonts, and drawing tools.
  • It enables users to change their images into beautiful sketches or cartoons.
  • With this app, you can edit any picture and video.
  • This platform lets you replace the picture background with your favorite photos.
  • It’s a more robust tool due to its great features, making Picsart more useful than Canva.
  • The central part of PicsArt is its effortless use for every type of user, whether professional or newbies.
  • Lastly, its drawing tools let the users draw their photos with brushes and apply attractive colors.

Features of Canva

Canva offers the following features:

  • Its interface is user-friendly, with a drag-and-drop option.
  • Canva comes with various stock fonts, images, graphics, and icons.
  • With this tool, user can form teams with others and do their work together.
  • Canva platform allows users to create high-quality photos within a few seconds.
  • You can create every type of thing in Canvas, such as thumbnails, posters, logos, worksheets, portfolio websites, wallpapers, etc.
  • Furthermore, it’s ideal for both professional and unprofessional users.
  • With this site, users can spread their creative design by using the sharing feature of Canva.

Final Verdict about both features

However, finalizing which is best for you takes a lot of work. It’s because both platforms offer unique and eye-catching features. Therefore, if you want advanced editing tools, Picsart would be the best for you.

Picsart Vs Canva Templates 

Picsart vs Canva Templates provides users a starting point if they need more creativity in the artwork. In both tools, you will see a large quantity of unique templates. These templates are functional, well-made, and best for professional purposes.

Moreover, templates are among the most striking features of photo and video editor tool users. It helps in the easy customization of the content. Thus, templates play an important role in editing. Here, we’ll discuss the PicsArt templates and Canva templates:

1- Picasart Templates

When reviewing Canva vs PicsArt templates, Picsart gets higher grades than Canva. It offers a more significant number of templates than Canva. Picsart templates are user-friendly; you can also see the search bar at the front of the page. Thus, you can search for suitable templates, colors, and stickers and quickly start your customization. Furthermore, you can also hunt the templates by category as you want to search. More premium templates are available in picsart pro mod apk.

Examples of Category

  • Facebook post
  • Instagram story
  • Youtube cover etc

After searching and selecting the suitable template, click it, and it opens automatically in the tool editor. Please don’t be anxious; its quality is outstanding. Moreover, you will see a more extensive variety of templates in Picsart, making it better than the Canva tool. The filters and effects in this app are astonishing; after seeing it, you will forget Canva.


  • Business
  • Social media
  • Marketing
  • Personal
  • Printable

2- Canva Templates

Canva has a greater variety of templates, and it’s increasing daily. So, you can create any design with the canvas. The main thing that makes it cherished for the user is the Canva templates. Besides, Canva comes with more than 600,00 templates, half free. And some of the templates are paid. Furthermore, it’s a template section that is extremely easy to navigate.

Canva Templates in terms of categories

  • Social media
  • Video
  • Marketing
  • Education
  • Business
  • Cards and invitations
  • Custom prints

Every category consists of subcategories. Furthermore, you can also select some things from subcategories, such as:

  • Colors
  • Attractive themes
  • Different styles
  • Charming formates

If we examine the quality of Canva templates, it’s good looking but could be better from a picsart tool. But this tool’s templates offer an outstanding and manageable starting point for your projects.

Final Verdict

In Picart vs. Canva: My winner here is undeniably Picsart due to its high number of easy customization templates and easy search for suitable template options.

Picsart Vs. Canva Pricing 

In this section, you will know the Picsart vs Canva pricing. After reviewing the pricing of both tools, you can easily choose the best tool for editing. Both devices offer free plans to the users. However, the free plans provide limited templates, styles, stickers, and designs, which are inappropriate for professional and business use.

1- Picsart Pricing

There are pricing plans available in the PicsArt: Free, Gold, Team:

  1. Free: $0
  2. Gold: $55.99 per year
  3. Team: $74.98 per year

Picsart free plans are suitable for standard photo and video editing. This plan allows users to access free templates, images, stickers, text, etc. The weakness of this plan is that your photo or video will contain watermarks and show you how to customize the content with pictures. So, there are better options than the free version for marketplace use.

If you have a small business, the gold plan is an ideal selection; it’s available at a reasonable price compared to the premium version. Premium plans give all the templates and stock images. This version also allows the users to remove its watermark from their projects. On the other hand, if you want to use this tool for an agency, you should buy the premium plan.

2- Canva Pricing

Canva pricing is different from picsart pricing. It has free, pro, pro, and team plans. You can choose any plan that’s best for you. Pricing info here:

  1. Canva Free: $0
  2. Canva Pro: $6.49 per month
  3. Canva team: $12.99 per month

Canva free plan is best for student and personal use. You should purchase a Canvas pro plan for multiple-purpose use, which permits up to 5 users to use this tool. If you want to use business purposes, then the Canva team is the proper selection. So, choose the plan according to your work purposes and experience the editing work.

Final Verdict

Canva vs PicsArt: Choosing which is better is hard, but my priority is PicsArt. Its pricing is higher than Canva’s but offers extensive features that Canva does not provide users.

Canva vs. Picsart Filters 

Regarding Picsart vs Canva, Picsart is famous among professional editors due to its stock of filters and effects. Furthermore, their filters go elsewhere for elementary color modifications and include surreal, artistic, and other filters that can significantly convert images and pictures into appealing images.

On the other hand, in Canva, filters are used to improve the look of a design and project. They assist in managing an image’s brightness, contrast, and color tone. The canvas filter is as perfect as the picsart. Therefore, if you’re looking for a general photo editor, Picsart is the ideal option in Picsart vs Canva.

Canva vs. Picsart: Which Online Graphics Editor Is Best? 

If you are trying to create visual content and graphics, Pisart is better than Canva. This tool has vast designs, templates, stock images, and assets you can enjoy instantly creating professional-style content. Picsart offers a drag-and-drop option, which makes it user-friendly and makes customization easy, even for nonprofessional editors.

While Canva has also helped create visual and graphic content, its feature online graphic editor needs to be more compelling than PicsArt. Thus, if you want to use an online graphics editor, PicsArt gives you superb graphics.

PicsArt vs Canva: Which One is Better? 

This section will discuss which is better and select the ideal easy-to-use tool. However, both Picsart and Canva applications are excellent and easy to use. But if we want to say which is better, it’s Picsart.

Reasons: Picsart is better than Canva

The main reasons why Picsart is better than Canva are given below:

  • Picsart users a web video editor and image editor to create superb photos for various uses.
  • You can easily convert your images into cartoons in this app.
  • It provides templates for social media posts like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.
  • You can change or replace pictures’ backgrounds by using Picsart.
  • Furthermore, Picsart has a collage maker and sticker maker features.
  • Using its editor, you can ass nature, animals, birds, and others to the picture design.
  • On the other hand, Canva has only a few amounts of assets. There is no collage maker feature available. For the reasons mentioned above, Picsart is a better one.

Canva vs Picsart Alternatives 

Glorify is an alternative to the Picsart vs. Canva designing platform. Glorify is a photo and video editing tool that helps designers make stunning graphics without the required design skills. It’s a multipurpose tool with many features like eCommerce, a marketing tool, and combined photo editing. Moreover, Glorify comes with a good-looking dashboard where users can customize their designs in a few seconds.

The left side panel of Glorify has pencils, brushes, annotation tools, and quick tutorial features. Besides these features, the right side of the device has reflections, layers, text, BG remover, shadows, and color edit features. Thus, it’s a great alternative to the Canva vs. PicsArt editing tool.

Furthermore, Glorify comes with thousands of pre-designed templates that extend from mockups, item images, infographics, ads, and covers. The ideal thing about this tool is that you can use it immediately. So register on the glorify and create engaging visuals to experience the top of the game.

PicsArt QR codes 

Picsart QR Codes stand for Quick Response codes. These two-dimensional barcodes can pile up enormous amounts of information within them. In Picsart, you can create QR codes and add them to your designs, presentations, and other objects, so this code links your creation with websites and other relevant resources.

PicsArt QR codes vs. Canva

Presentation Design allows the users to create visually attractive and well-designed presentations uniquely. It has comprehensive templates and designs to make presentations stunning.

Presentation Design

With this tool, users can add QR codes to their projects. These codes added extra data, websites, and other things relevant to the projects. For instance, you add a QR code on a slide containing links to other informative websites.


Graphic Design

Canva is a website with many tools and elements for generating posters, flyers, logos, and infographics.

QR codes in Designs

With this tool, users can add QR codes to their designs. These codes added extra data, websites, and other things relevant to creating designs. For instance, you make QR codes for websites and flyers.

Reviews Pics Art Vs. Canva 

Picsart Reviews

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  • Picsart improves the images and illustrative of the circuits for any company. These pictures are used to engage the customers.
  • It’s conducive to making proposals for the client.
  • The PicsArt platform assists in making certificates and editing images.

Canva Reviews

  • Canva is a marvelous design tool and one of the functional apps for small businesses or brands.
  • We can create posters, flyers, and logos in an easy way with Canva.
  • It’s useful for both work and nonwork purposes.

Personal reviews PicsArt vs. Canva

I used both tools for my personal and work purposes. But I prefer Picsart for professional and business objectives. Picsart gives accessible customization facilities and helps engage my clients by generating visual content. So, Canva vs PicsArt or Piscart will be my first choice.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Picsart cost is $55.99 to $74.98. You can buy the gold picsart version at $55.9/year and the team picsart version at $74.98/year. On the other hand, a free trial is also available at the Picsat application.

Canva has three options based on the versions; its price starts from $0 to $12.99. At $0, you can enjoy the Canvas free version; at $6.49, you can enjoy the Canva pro version per month; and at $12.99, the Canva team version is available.

While, Canva is a simple, famous online content creation platform. But for some stock image elements, you have to pay for it(graphics starting at $ 1). On the other hand, PicsArt is free to use components, filters, and effects. Thus, Picsart is the best and most free tool.

Both tools are easy to use, but Picsart is relatively easy to use compared to Canva. In Picsart, you only need to select the readymade template, add images, add stickers and fonts, and create eye-catching photos.

Yes, Picsart is good. It’s because it has a wide range of features that attract you. However, it is appropriate for quickly creating creative projects, marvelous photos, and videos. Moreover, it’s best for the artwork.

Final Verdict: Picsart vs. Canva 

To sum up, Picsart vs Canva helps to look at the fantastic graphic design website for design creation. However, Canova provides several editors with superb image-making with stunning effects and filters. Furthermore, it gives banners, logos, and poster-ready designs that enable users to post for social media promotion and success.

Therefore, Picsart offers impressive photo and video editing tools and pre-designed templates. It is a convenient website for inexperienced and beginner designers. Ultimately, Picsart is the finest editing app among the Picsart vs Canva.

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