Picsart vs Lightroom – Which one is better for you in 2024?

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Hello friends, you are most welcome to our new post. This post will be fascinating and valuable for you. In this article, you will get information about Picsart vs Lightroom. However, first, you must read the complete post. Of course, then you will learn the difference between Picsart and Lightroom. Which one is better for you?

Almost 28.6 % of the global population uses different social media platforms. And they daily upload their posts like videos and photos. That’s why they need an app for editing their posts and making them unique from others. For this purpose, they are in search of the best editing tools. So, in this article, Picsart vs Lightroom, which tool is the most acceptable? After reading this page, you will find the best editing software. Keep reading the post!

Overview of Picsart

Interface of the Online picsart

The Picsart application is the second most amazing free photo editing app. So, it’s a popular app that helps edit pictures and create gorgeous smartphone designs. Furthermore, this application provides many tools and features. It includes effects, filters, collage themes, and others. Moreover, it has retouching photos, removing objects, and supports more than 200 appealing font features.

The Picsart APK lets users make collages using different styles of premade templates. Also, this app enables users to send their edited pictures or videos to other users. They can also share them on the Picsart website. Furthermore, you can download it on both IOS and Android gadgets.

Overview of Lightroom

The Lightroom app is a photo editing storage application of Adobe Creative Cloud. It’s created for professional graphics designers and image editors. Yet, it allows them to build extended collections of digital photos and content. Furthermore, this software lets users quickly edit their pictures with different tools. It includes balancing color, changing contrast, and altering the brightness of the photos.

The program has noise reduction, lens correction, etc. features. Thus, this app allows users to store their images in Creative Cloud folders. It also lets you share them with other users and upload pictures. Moreover, the app is compatible with PC, Mac devices, IOS, and Android gadgets.

Picsart vs Lightroom interface

PicsArt Interface

The interface of the Picsart app is easy to use, even for the first time graphic editor. You can quickly review the canvas and toolbar in this application. Thus, you will see the canvas on the right side of the app. Furthermore, the toolbar is on the left side of the editing screen.

However, the innumerable effects, vast filters, and impressive tools that help enhance the quality of the photos are all present in the toolbar section. The canvas feature of the Picsart shows your photographs. It also allows you to adjust the image itself and improve its visuality. There are more advance effects and filters in picsart premium apk.

Lightroom Interface

On the other hand, the user interface of Lightroom is more complicated than the Picsart. But this program comes with advanced and professional editing tools and features. Furthermore, its screen has a library, Mac, book, print web, develop, and other modules. However, you and other users can use these functions for editing and transferring your created images with others.

Picart and Lightroom Feature

Now, we will discuss the Picsart vs Lightroom features and know which tool gives us more benefit.

Features of Picsart:

Icon representing beauty feature tool in picsart app

Beautify Tools

It has beautifying tools that let users improve their selfies with teeth whitening, eye brightening, and skin smoothing tools. Furthermore, with these apparatus, users can manage their images’ contrast, color, and intensity.

Icon representing double exposure feature icon in picsart

Double Exposure

This tool permits the user to merge two pictures and make one photo. Thus, users can blend the textures and colors of two photographs and create a single attractive image.

Icon of cutout tool icon in picsart

Cutout Tools

The cutout feature in this app lets users eradicate the poor-looking background of the images. Moreover, users can change photo backgrounds with new things.

Masking & Image Remixing Icon - Icon representing image remixing in picsart app.


The masking tools permit the users to cover their pictures and give some styles with imaginary covering. However, These maskings include dust, folds, waves, shadows, hearts, stars, and the universe. Besides, the users can also take further effects from the app stock.

Icon representing illustration and drawing feature of picsart app

Drawing Tools

The drawing tools of this app let the user draw the content using different colors and brushes. So, users can also build their creations by scratching and getting benefits from blending and layers modes.

Icon representing HDR feature in picsart

HDR Feature

PicsArt gives the HDR feature to make opaque areas more colorful and increase contrast in bright sections. Furthermore, You can also use “Curves” for cutting-edge shading modification. Besides, you can also change color tone, clarity, shadows, temperature, etc.

Icon representing stickers feature available in picsart

Sticker maker

PicsArt has a sticker maker tool enabling users to create stickers from images or drawings. Furthermore, users can also create stickers by adding text or borders. However, it also allows users to use other user-created stickers.

Features of Lightroom:

Ad-Free Experience - Icon of an ad with a 'no' symbol over it.

Ad-Free Experience

The Premium Lightroom app provides an ad-free experience to the users. Furthermore, Lightroom lets them focus on their creations and edit content easily. But this feature is only available in the premium plan, not the free one.

Icon showing Gold and Premium Assests Unlocked

Access to Premium Content

When users buy their premium plan, they can easily access excellent content such as premium filters, editing tools, presets, etc. With the premium, anyone can make unique and captivating creations.

Icons representing cloud storage

Cloud Storage

With the Lightroom app, users can access cloud storage features. It removes the stress of finishing the space for their edited images. Thus, cloud storage is safe and secure, making it easy to share with collaborators and others.

Picsart vs Lightroom Additional function

Additional Functions of Picsart

  • Drawing and illustrations
  • Themes-based image setting
  • AI-powered tools
  • Many templates and collages
  • Graphic Design
  • Basic programmed gadgets

Additional Functions of Lightroom

  • HDR Merge and View Edging
  • RAW Support
  • Presets function
  • Spot and balance color correction function
  • Let eradicating nonessential things in an image
  • Advanced photo integration
  • Lens improvements

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Picsart vs Lightroom Comparison Table

If you want to use the Canva online photo editor for creating business proposals for your clients or customers. Now we’re going to show you how to edit in Canva in the five steps:

PlatformsIt can work on PC Windows, Android, and iOS.It can work on Android, iOS, Mac, Desktop, Windows.
PriceIt has Free and premium plans.It has also free and paid plans.
Reason to useIt is used for Picture editing, Collages, Graphic Design and DrawingIt is used for Picture editing, Shaping, and color grading.
Target AudienceIt is best for all types of users, social media influencers, and business users.It is best for Professional photographers and editors.
InterfaceUser-friendly with a vast range of tools and effects, easy to navigate.It can work on Android, iOS, Mac, Desktop, and Windows.
Editing ToolsA wide-ranging set of filters, brushes, templates, and others.Innovative image editing tools include curves, brushes, color balance, and presets.
Organizational ToolsIt gives Elementary folder groups and AI-motivated ideas.It provides a Progressive catalog system, and collections.
Mobile integrationIt provides a Progressive catalog system and collections.Complete association with Adobe Creative Cloud.
Export PossibilitiesIt has Several export options, such as as social media.It has Several export options, such as social media.
Text colorsIt has Several fonts, colors, and styles.It has Several fonts, colors, and styles.
WorkflowIt does Fast and easy edits.It does Specialized level editing and is more accurate.
CommunityIt offers Social sites for sharing and determining user-produced images.It offers Online tutorials and other effective sources.

Picsart Vs. Canva Pricing 

Picsart Subscription

There are pricing plans available in the PicsArt: Free, Gold, Team:

  1. Free: $0
  2. Gold: $5 per month
  3. Team: $7 per month

Free Picsart versions are apt for typical photo and video editing. Moreover, the free plan lets users use free premade tools, images, stickers, graphics, and others. But, The drawback of this plan is that your image will have a watermark of this app. If you have small brands, the gold program is a better choice. So, It’s available at a reasonable price rather than the premium plan.

Premium plans provide all the templates and stock content. This plan lets you remove its watermark from its images. Thus, you should buy the premium plan to use this APK for big brands and large businesses. But if you don’t want to spend your money and want to enjoy all the premium and gold features for free then you can download picsart gold for free also from our website.

Adobe Lightroom Pricing

Screenshot about the pricing plan of lightroom

As we already told you, Lightroom is a professional picture editor software. Thus, you can freely download and edit your photos without any payment. However, more than the available features and tools in the free plan are required for a professional editor, and thus, you are required to buy their premium plan. It’s because, in a premium version, you will get to remove the unwanted things.

You can buy this program with pricing starting at 119.88 $ per year or 9.99 $ per month. So, you will get 1 TB of storage and technical support.

Picsart vs Lightroom: Which one is a better video editing tool?

It is challenging to tell which is a better video editing tool: Picsart vs Lightroom. Thus, they are both perfect for editing the video and making it superb for the audience.

Picsart for Video Editing

Picsart video editing interface screenshot

However, Picsart is compatible with mobile platforms and makes it easy for ongoing video modifying, particularly for social media platforms. Furthermore, Picsart is best for elementary editing works. It includes trimming, adding music, using different transitions, and cutting unnecessary video parts. Thus, Picsart is ideal for those who want to change their videos quickly.

Lightroom for Video Editing

Lightroom video editing screenshot image

On the other hand, Lightroom offers advanced video editing tools. Thus, it mostly comes for those who want to modify advanced videos. Furthermore, Lightroom supports editing RAW video files, vital for specialized videographers wishing to achieve extreme content-making elasticity.

Picsart and Lightroom Pros and Cons

Picsart Pros and Cons

It’s a Safe and Secure applicationAds come in a free plan
It has A vast range of effects and filtersMost Advance features are only in paid plan
It comes with A rich array of drawing toolsMost Advance features are only in the paid plan
It Offers many editing featuresIt takes a lot of storage.
It Has layered products feature
Publishing to social media platforms
It has more intensive characteristics

Adobe Lightroom Pros and Cons

it’s effortless to edit the photos quicklyAn advanced image manipulation option is not available.
It aids users in completing workflow: importing pictures, editing, handling, and downloading– in a not-too-challenging task, so understandable for any first-time user.File management is not available.
The program is fast and has few content editing issues.It takes a lot of storage due to most of the features.
Available on IOS, PC, and Android devicesSometimes it slow downs the phone.

Personal reviews about Picsart vs Lightroom

Well, I used both programs for my personal and business purposes. But I suggest Picsart for high-rated brands and professional aims. Therefore, PicsArt software offers manageable customization services and aids in impressing my clients by creating images and graphics. Thus, Picsart vs Lightroom will be the first and primary selection for editing purposes.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Picarat vs. Lightroom. Well, Lightroom and Picsart are different from each other. Picsart is enjoyable if you wish to add unfamiliar effects or funny graphics. As an editing platform, it is perfect for the mobile version and is considerable for the collages feature. It would help if you chose Picsart.

Yes, it’s best to edit professional videos in Picsart. This free platform lets you edit your videos and turn them into entertaining content.

Picsart is the best free app for Android and smartphone users. It gives powerful AI and Beautifying tools. Yet, PicsArt is the best selection for you.

Picsart is the best tool for beginners. However, if you are a newbie, then try this tool.


To sum up, Picsart vs Lightroom aids in finding the ideal editing site for design creation. However, The selection between Lightroom and Picsart depends on your definite requirements and preferences. Contrast both tools. Picsart vs Lightroom makes this effortless for you. If you prefer an easy-to-use, active social community and several templates, Picsart is the best for you.

Lightroom is the most appropriate selection if you prefer advanced editing potential combined with other Adobe software. However, for beginner users, Picsart is the most outstanding choice. So, Picsart is an appropriate website for unprofessional and newbie photographers. Finally, Picsart is the most incredible editing APK among the Picsart vs Lightroom.

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