Step-by-Step Guide to Blend Photos in Picsart Like a Pro

Discover the ease of creating stunning blended images with PicsArt, the premier photo editing tool. This guide simplifies the process, enabling you to enhance your photos into artistic masterpieces with the standout “blend photo” feature. Bid farewell to unwanted backgrounds and seamlessly merge photos with our straightforward, nine-step tutorial. Perfect for beginners and experts, start using PicsArt today to blend your images into memorable visuals.

What is a Blending photo?

Blending photos is an artistic process where you fuse multiple images using a blend photo tool, intermingling colors, and layers to craft entirely new and distinctive visuals. This technique can elevate ordinary photos into extraordinary pieces of photographic art. By controlling the transparency and the interaction between image layers, you can create a seamless composite that tells a story or conveys emotion in ways that single, unedited photographs often cannot.

Need to Blend Photo in picsart

The need to blend photos in PicsArt arises from the desire to craft images that transcend the ordinary, giving life to a more realistic and precise visual than the originals could provide independently. Merging two photos might initially seem daunting and time-intensive, yet the outcome is often well worth the effort.

By utilizing the advanced features of PicsArt, you can weave together the best elements of both images, creating a composite that brims with authenticity and enhanced detail. Although there are various software options for photo blending, PicsArt stands out for its user-friendly interface. You can get more advance features in picsart pro apk.

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How to blend two photos in picsart?

Blending two photos in PicsArt can transform your images into a layered masterpiece. Here’s how to do it step by step:

1: Launch PicsArt & Start New Project

Open the PicsArt app on your device and tap on the ‘+’ icon. This is the first step to start your new photo blending project.

2: Choose Your Background Photo

Choose the photo to blend

Select a photo from your gallery for the background, or use PicsArt’s free image library. Remember, this is your canvas, the base for your photo blend.

3: Add an Overlay Photo

Choose 2nd Photo to blend on 1st image

Next, tap on the ‘+’ sign again to overlay another image. Choose the second Photo from your gallery that you want to blend with the background.

4: Adjust the Size and Position

Once your overlay photo is in place, you can resize it by dragging the corners. Feel free to rotate the image as needed by moving your fingers in a circular motion.

5: Change the Opacity

Adjust the blendng and opacity of the image.

To achieve the blend, adjust the opacity of the overlay photo. Slide the opacity control to about 50% to ensure both images complement each other without overpowering the other. Remove the parts of the photo that you don’t need.

6: Save and Share

Save image after blending in picsart

After tweaking and when you’re happy with the blend, save the Photo to your device. You can also share your creation with friends or on social media.

How to Blend a Character Into a Background on Picsart

Blending a character into a background seamlessly on PicsArt can bring your creative vision to life. Here’s a detailed, step-by-step guide to help you do just that:

1: Open PicsArt

Launch the PicsArt app and tap the purple ‘+’ sign to create a new project.

2: Select Your Background (BG) Photo

Choose a background image from your gallery or PicsArt’s extensive library to start the blending process.

3: Crop Your BG Image

Using the crop tool from the toolbar, adjust your background to fit the proportions of your character. Confirm the crop with a tap on the checkmark.

4: Resize Your Photo

reseize the photo in picsart

Open the toolbar again and select the resize tool. Enhance your background image by increasing its size to the highest quality possible.

5: Add Your Character

Tap the ‘Add Photo’ option to place your character in the background. Scale and position the surface as necessary.

6: Adjust Your Character’s Lighting

Select your character layer and tap ‘Adjust’. Fine-tune the highlights, brightness, and contrast until the character begins to blend with the background naturally.

 7: Color Correction

Navigate to ‘Effects’ to color-match your character with the background. Use the darken filter and adjust the HUE to align the dominant color of your personality with that of the background. Fade it appropriately for a subtle blend.

8: Create a White Duplicate of Your Character

Duplicate your character layer, placing this new layer above the original. Apply a black & white filter, slide it to zero, and then invert the colors to turn your character completely white.

duplicate the photo and adjust the settings

9: Adjust the Opacity of the Duplicate Layer

Lower the opacity of the white layer so the original character layer is faintly visible, aiding in the blend.

10: Brush Off Excess

With the eraser tool, refine the edges of your character by brushing away excess parts from the upper layer. This helps in fine-tuning the blend with the background.

Brush the character for fine tones and adjust the settings

11: Final Touches

Adjust the brightness and contrast, and add highlights to the character to fully integrate it into the background.

12: Save and Share

Once your character perfectly blends with the background and you’re satisfied with the outcome, save your artwork and share it with your friends or on social media platforms.

How to merge two or more photos in PicsArt

Merging multiple photos into one image in PicsArt is a great way to create a unique composition. Here’s how to do it step by step:

1: Open PicsArt

Open the PicsArt app and tap the ‘+’ icon to initiate a new project.

2: Select a Background Photo

Choose the primary Photo that will act as your background from your gallery.

3: Add Overlay Photos

Tap the ‘Add Photo’ option to bring additional images into your project. These will be the photos you want to merge with your background.

4: Arrange the Photos

Move the added photos around by dragging them across the screen. Resize and position them until they’re arranged to your preference.

5: Place Photos in the Frame

Once you have arranged the photos, you can paste them onto your background photo. Adjust the frame to fit within the confines of the background image as needed.

Select the photo and choose the opacity

6: Adjust Size and Position

With the overlay photos selected, modify the size by pinching or expanding with two fingers, ensuring they complement the background photo.

7: Blend the Photos

Alter the opacity of the overlay photos to blend them smoothly into the background. This creates a cohesive merged image.

Save the photo in picsart after merge

8: Save Your Work

After blending the photos to your satisfaction, save the merged image to your device, ready to be shared or used in your project.

Tips and Tricks to Blend Photo

  • Choose photos with similar color schemes or themes for a more natural blend.
  • Experiment with transparent PNGs or overlays to add textures without overpowering the base image.
  • Tweak the opacity levels of the overlay photo to control how much of the background image shows through.

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Frequently Asked Questions

PicsArt offers several blending modes, such as Multiply, Overlay, and Screen, which you can experiment with to achieve different blend photo effects.

Yes, you can blend a photo with any background or texture within PicsArt to create unique photo effects.

Use the eraser tool to refine the blend and ensure that the elements from each photo complement rather than compete with each other.

Yes, you can easily blur any part of your photos. We have covered in detail for you how to blur in picsart.


Blending photos in PicsArt opens up a world of creativity, allowing you to produce stunning images that tell a story. So, if you combine moments for a captivating collage or layering textures for added depth, the process is intuitive and accessible. With many tools at your fingertips, from blending modes to opacity sliders, the only limit is your imagination. Embrace the simplicity and flexibility of PicsArt to blend photos like a pro, transforming ordinary snapshots into extraordinary masterpieces with just a few taps and swipes.

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