How to Remove Background in PicsArt? A Step by Step Guide

You have captured your perfect picture, but the image’s background is not as you want and does not appeal to you, and you want to make it better naturally. So Don’t Worry. You will be happy to know that, Luckily, there is an opportunity to remove background in PicsArt and add a new background that amazes you entirely and as you need it. It is easy to use PicsArt to remove the photo background removal.

PicsArt is a free and fantastic photo editing tool with various features. How to remove the background in Picart? Every editor asks this question and wants the answer. This article discussed removing background in Picsart on different devices, including iPhone, Android, and PC Windows.

Hence, you can read this content and easily remove the unnecessary objects from the photo background in Picsart without facing any issues. Using Picsart, you can change the bad, add a new experience, and give a transparent look to the picture within a few clicks. While in picsart apk mod you can remove background with one click.

How to Remove Background in PicsArt Using Android?

If you have an Android device, removing and modifying a photo’s background using PicsArt is very simple. Using this tool on IOS devices to change picture backgrounds, the process is the same for Android and IOS gadgets.

Follow these Guides: Follow these Guides:

Step 1: Install the PicsArt APK tool from the Google Play Store or App Store and open it on Android.

Step 2: Now press the “Plus” button, shown at the last part of the screen, and choose the specific image from your photos folder for editing and creating attractive photos.

Step 3: After choosing the picture for editing, open the “Fit Tool” at the bottom menu.

Step 4: The fourth step is to tap on the eraser icon.

Step 5: Now click on the “person” icon at the bottom menu on the screen. After this step, the tool will robotically detect and clear the unwanted background of your photo.

Finally, your picture is ready without a background; save it by tapping the checkmark.

How to Remove Background in PicsArt tool on iPhone?

PicsArt allows the editor to remove background by using an eraser or background remover tools to put an attractive image on the background of the photos. Users can select background removal automatically or remove unwanted objects from the backside of the pictures.

Follow these Simple guides:

Step 1: Choose the Image Inside Tool

Ensure your iPhone devices have the PisArt tool; install it first. Now open the Installed app on your gadget; after that, press the “Plus” button in the middle of the control of the display.

Select the picture from your gallery that you require to delete background pictures and add a new attractive one. Furthermore, you need gallery access to the PicsArt if you use the app’s eraser tool for the first time.

Step 2: Eliminate BG

When you complete the first step, your selected picture is ready for further editing in the tool. Press the remove BG shown on the right side at the bottom of the display.

When you start the process, the tool will take only a few times to erase the background area from the image. It will astonish you with the precise outcomes and beautiful tunes of the boundaries while deleting the background picture.

Step 3: Save the Image

In the second step, you will get the picture without a background, and you can easily save it on your phone or share it with others that suit you. To download the photo to the gallery, click on the download icon, which is present at the top center of the monitor.

Last, you can also choose the image format you want to save. The ideal design to save photos is PNG form. Click the PNG button to download your picture to your iPhone gadget gallery.

How to Remove Background in PicsArt on PC Windows?

You have an item photo on the laptop or PC and want to delete the unnecessary background objects from the image. Now, you can easily remove it by editing the Picsart background tool. Let’s take a closer look at how to remove background in PicsArt on the pc window.

Here is the step-by-step Guide. You just need to follow these simple steps.

Firstly, Go to Google, search the Picsart official website, Click on the Products, and then click on Background Remover.

Second Step, Now upload the photo from which you want to remove background.

Third Step, Now the picsart AI tool will automatically will remove the background from your image. You can also remove the background manually by tapping the eraser tool. Once you are done click on the “Apply” icon, which will permit you to save all the modifications. Then, choose the “Save” button to save the pics and change the background picture.

How to Add Photo Backgrounds on the Picsart

Now, We will discuss adding a photo background on the Picsart. Follow the Guide for Adding background to the photos. Here is the step-by-step process.

Step 1: Open the image in picsart, scroll to the bottom, and click “Fit.” This option helps in putting a new background.

Step 2: Choose a photo size like 3:4, 16:9, landscape, square, and portrait.

Step 3: Add your favorite color, and choose a Picsart background or photo from your device as a background image using the ratio tool option.

Step 4: After putting in the background image, add the shadow by clicking the “Shadow” button and adjust the blur, opacity, margin, and angle you want to add to your picture. and it makes the photos real, not editing.

Step 5: Now your image is ready. If you are happy with this image, tap on the apply button on your iPhone or the checkmark button on your Android gadget.

Step 6: In conclusion, tap the “Download” button and save your photo to the device.

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How to change backgrounds in Picsart for android

1- First, Select the photo and click on the cutout icon.

2- After clicking on the cutout icon, different options will appear for you. By scrolling the right side, You can change the image size after clicking on the fit option.

3- Now, Choose the background option and click on it. If you want autumn backgrounds, then click on the + icon on the left.

4- Here are many filters. Apply these filters according to your wish. Like an eraser tool, You can use this tool to remove unwanted parts. Moreover, Shape Masks and Lensflare are another option.

5- After applying filters, Click on the save button.

Manual Background Erase and Restore Option

One of the crucial features is that PicsArt allows the user to remove the image background by manually using the erasing tool or option, and they can also restore the changes with the help of the Restore tool or option. You can also remove the background automatically with the help of Picsart Mod Apk. Let’s dive into the detail.

1- Watermark Remover

When you use PicsArt for removing, editing, and adding something to your objects, you will see the PicsArt watermark on your photos. It’s not necessary to remove unprofessional items, but if you want a professional image, it’s essential to remove them.

To remove the watermark or copyright restriction from your editing images, use the PicsArt watermark remover and gain high-quality, unwatermarked object photos for your brand and advertising.

2- Image Resizer Tool

When you remove the annoying object or complete background areas of your picture with the PicsArt tool, you can also resize the photo and make it smaller or larger and medium it’s up to you to use the “Image Resizer Tool.

3- Add Shadow

The good thing is this tool allows users to add a shadow to their image. With this astonishing feature, open the editor and press the “Add Shadow” icon. Then click the Shadowbox and arrange the blur, opacity, margin, and angle you want to add to your objects.

Why Do People Use PicsArt to Remove Background Color Online?

I will explain why people use Picart to remove the background color online. People prefer to use PicsArt to remove and add background color online for numerous motives because of these points.

  • Mobile Friendly App
  • Numerous Effects
  • Tools And Templates
  • Easy To Use

1- Mobile Friendly App

The Picsart tool is available on IOS, iPhone, and PC and is mobile friendly, permitting the editors to select and change their photo background directly on the smartphones. This accessibility is desirable to people who use mobile phones rather than laptops or PCs.

2- Numerous Effects

You will be amazed that the Picsart has a background removal feature and numerous effects, filters, and other editing tools the editors use during image editing.

3- Tools And Templates

The interface of this tool is user-friendly and easy to use, and this feature accesses every level of user. Whether experts or not, they can easily remove the background by following some guidelines.

4- Easy To Use

The tool has many standard and stylish templates and tools only designed for removing and adding the photo background. Thus, the editors can use the pre-designed templates and tools for fast work and easily change the background colors of the pictures.


In Conclusion, Trying to eradicate unwanted or annoying items from the photo background with Picsart background remover may be difficult for an unprofessional person. But with the original location, the image will not look better, and it must remove the unwanted objects from the picture and add engaging text, stickers, and other things.

In this guide, we have debated how to remove background in Piscart on every type of gadget. We hope these details will facilitate in resolving your confusion, and you can now organize the picture background in a few minutes like professional artwork.

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