How to Edit Photos in PicsArt for Stunning Results?

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As you know, many people love to capture photos on special occasions and want to remember their beautiful memories. Are you one of them? I know you are. Nowadays, almost everyone wants to save their special memories. But sometimes, they cannot get satisfactory image results. So don’t worry! I’m here to help you solve your issue, and after reading this article, you will be able to get beautiful images with the help of a few clicks by the PicsArt photo editor.

Now, how to use PicsArt or How To Edit Photos In PicsArt? This question comes to everyone’s mind because when you download the Picsart app, you may need clarification about the different editing options and want to know where to start editing and how to use this app. So, in this article, we will tell you the basics of the PicsArt editing tool in very simple words. Furthermore, we will also discuss some tips and tricks about this app.

After reading this article, every question about how to edit pictures professionally will be removed from your mind,  like where to start editing, how to use these editing tools, and the purpose of these tools. So stay with us, keep in mind this article, and know how to edit the photos and videos via the PicsArt editor.

How to edit photos in Picsart?

Here is the step-by-step process to edit the photos in picsArt.

  • First, Go to our download button and click on it. After a few minutes, the app will be downloaded, and you can open it.
  • Secondly, Open the picsArt app and click the editing button to edit your picture.
  • Thirdly, Choose your favorite picture that you want to edit. Now, Use multiple tools. Add new background, Text, Stickers, Fonts, Effects, and colors.
  • Note:  Remember, all these things are optional; you can use these tools according to your requirements.
  • Lastly, After editing, when you make sure your picture looks professional, you can skip editing, save, and share the picture.

Basics Of Photo Editing

We will discuss some basics of photo editing that will help you to create impressive videos and pictures. Editing professional photos is not simple, but it’s not a big deal. After reading this guide, you will easily edit photos without any complications. If you have a short time and want to add special effects to your images, you can do this quickly via picsArt. There are many best picsArt editing tools and different best ways to edit photos. Let’s take a closer look!

  1. Straighten
  2. Crop
  3. Clarity
  4. Contrast
  5. Saturation
  6. Brightness
  7. Temperature
  8. Shadows
  9. Highlights
  10. Blur
  11. Retouching
  12. Background
  13. Color Replace
  14. Photo Resize
  15. Erase option and Text Tool
  16. Collage maker

Now, let’s jump into the details of all these tools and know the uses of these tools.

1- Straighten

Image straighten tool in picsart

How to edit photos in picsArt through the straighten tool? With the Straighten tool, you can adjust the picture’s angle; you take the picture in front of you, but while clicking the picture, you put the camera down a little, due to which the angle of your picture is not right and it does not look good, you can set you picture angle by using the Straighten tool. Now, you can easily get perfect angles.

2- Crop

Images crop tool in picsart

This tool is very popular in the picsArt app. Almost every editor requires this tool. The main purpose of the crop tool is to help you adjust the photo’s framing. This tool is the best for highlighting the arrangement of the picture. Moreover, the use of this tool is very easy. Just click on the crop icon button to crop the picture. You can fit the picture by using the crop tool for Instagram posts. This tool provides you with a big benefit for editing social media pictures.

3- Clarity

Clarity tool in picsart

As you know, picture clearance is very important in editing. If you are using a camera that does not deliver clear clarity in your pictures, it may have a poor effect. Improve the clarity of your pictures and add more details using this tool. This tool plays an important role in improving and highlighting your pictures. Simply put, the clarity tool is the best option when you work with bad lighting and want clearance in your pictures.

4- Contrast

Image contrast tool in picsart

The contrast tool is another useful tool for editing. If you want to brighten your images and get a border in your photos. You should use the contrast tool in the PicsArt app. Moreover, with this tool, you can build a border and highlight the picture shadows. You can use this tool magically to enhance the beauty of your photos. As a result, you will get eye-catching photos.

5- Saturation

Saturation tool in picsart

As mentioned earlier, the contrast tool helps enhance the image’s light and reflection, but the saturation tool differs greatly from the others. Some people mix these tools, but I will tell you that the saturation tool differs. With the saturation tool, you can enhance the photo colors while contrast helps enhance picture light. I hope you get my point.

When you want your picture black and white, you can set the saturation point at low, but when you want to prominent the colors of the pictures, you can set the high point via the saturation tool for enhanced colors.

6- Brightness

Brightness tool to adjust brightness of image in picsart

As we all know, Good light is very important in capturing amazing photos. If you have a normal mobile phone, it is not your hand to set the brightness of the picture. If you have a DSLR, you can set the light, but if you don’t have one, you can’t. So, in the Picsart app, you can set the picture brightness and get impressive images. On the other hand, if you have an old image and want to increase the picture light, you can use the brightness tool.

7- Temperature

Temprature adjusting tool in picsart

Well, the temperature tool is my favorite tool for editing. The temperature tool lets you set the weather tone in your images. You show the hot and cold weather in the same picture with this tool. When you want to show that you are in a cold area, then you set the white color for showing cold and use cool photo editing, but if you want to show that you are in a warm area, then you use the warm effects.

One interesting thing I want to tell you is that most people like to choose the warm filter because it looks natural. Hence, it helps to show that your images are real. So you should try this tool.

8- Shadows

Shadow tool in picsart

If you want to show the shadows in your pictures, you can use the shadows tool. With the help of this tool, you can adjust the picture shadows. You can do this through this tool to create photos without any dark shadows or reduce. When you adjust the shadows, you will see the picture clarity and be surprised by how it looks different.

9- Highlights

Highlight tool in picsart

The shadows tool and highlight are the same. Almost both tools are the same. You can use the highlight tool to enhance the clearance if your image is dark. Image clearance depends on the highlight tool. In PicsArt, you can highlight some specific parts of your picture. Additionally, you can highlight the pictures’ borders.

10- Blur

blur tool in picsart

The blur tool is very important to show the focus on the special point. Many people want to share her images on social media platforms, but they want to focus only on her face. Then, at that time, they used the blur tool. In the picsArt app, you will get different blurry options like motion, radial, and background blur. All these blurry tools work differently from each other. If you want to know how to blur the picture in picsArt, read our article. In that article, we discussed all about the blur tool in detail.

Now the one question in your mind is how to use the photo blur in picsArt. Well, we have already discussed the PicsArt blur tool in detail. You can visit our related page to learn how to blur photos in picsArt. After reading this, you can easily blur the specific picture part. So try this tool at once.

11- Retouching

Phpto retouch tool in picsart

This tool is very effective, especially for girls. The Retouch tool gives you the advantage when your picture is very simple and you want to add extra touches to your photo. For example, if you want to give a makeup touch to your face, you can change your lip color and eye lens color.

Moreover, you can change the color of your hair and take beautiful pictures. This is only possible with a retouching tool. After editing, you get the perfect picture in your gallery.

12- Background

Objects remove or add background in picsart

Another tool is the background tool. Sometimes, you love your picture but don’t like the photo’s background. You want to change it. In this tool, you can change the background of your picture. There are lots of backgrounds for picsArt. You can replace the background, add a new one, and make a unique picture. You can do this with just a few taps. A good background adds value to your picture. If you want to know how to change the picture background, read our related article, How to change the background.

13- Color Replace

Color replace tool in picsart

This tool is fantastic. If you want to change the color of your clothes, then you can use this tool. This tool is very useful for people who click many pictures in the same place but want to show them from different angles like they are in different places.

Moreover, they can show that they are wearing different types of clothes. Try to use this tool because it gives you more advantages for editing.

If you want to know how to edit pictures on Android, you can move to our related article. Also, if you want to change the color of your shirt in the photo, visit our how to change the shirt color article to learn the process.

14- Photo Resize

Photo resize tool in picsart

You can resize the picture via the picsart editing app. When you want to adjust the pictures in one frame, you need to resize the pictures. So you can use this tool for this purpose. To resize the picture, just drag the frame edges and resize it. You can easily get the perfect image required according to your requirements.

15- Erase Option and Text Tool

erase tool in picsart

The Eraser option removes unwanted objects. You can use it if you want to remove the unwanted marks and get a picture without any complications. You can use this tool by clicking an eraser tool.

On the other hand, with the text tool, you can add text to your pictures. To do this, click on the text button and choose your favorite font after choosing the font. Select the text color and the space where you want to add text. Then simply type the text.

16- Collage Maker

Collage maker picsart tools

PicsArt collages maker is an amazing tool that helps you to show different memories in one frame. In PicsArt, you will get different collage types like photo montages, grid collages, freeform collages, and layered collages. You can show your skills by creating collages. You can gather your special memories in one place.

But some people don’t know how to create collages. So making collages is not very difficult. It’s a very simple process. Go to our page on how to make a collage using PicsArt collage maker. So read our article carefully and create collages through the Collage Maker tool.

PicsArt Gold

In PicsArt, you can edit your pictures without any disturbing ads. Picsart Gold provides you with hundreds of stickers and fonts. To know the benefits and features of PicsArt gold, read this article, picsArt gold. You can also get the old version of the Picsart app on our website. Go to our picsart old version article, and click the download button to get the old version.

Frequently Asked Questions

The first best editing tool in the picsart is the background changing tool. Furthermore, the Change color tool, effects tool, Pictures blurry tool, and Photo Resize tool are the 5 best and most common tools in Picsart.

Yes, picsArt is also known as a good video editor. You can use the picsArt app for both video and photo editing purposes.

In my point of view, PicsArt is one of the best editing tools. This app has many editing options that are important for professional editing purposes.

Final Verdict

To sum up, This article is all about a photo editing guide. How do you edit a photo? Now this question is clear in your mind. You can edit photos in PicsArt professionally without using any expensive paid tool. How to edit pic? For this purpose, you will get many editing options in picsArt, like the background changer option, varieties of filters, effects, different wallpapers, stickers, stylish fonts, and many more. So use this tool.

This article will be beneficial for you. Feel free to ask any questions about the picsArt app.

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