Picsart vs Snapseed: Which One is Better for You?

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Do you also have a craving for photo editing? If yes, surely this is in your mind: which photo editing app is the best? I know you must be interested in it. So don’t worry. Discover no further! In this article, I will tell you about two best editing apps that are highly popular. However, I will also discuss which one is better between the two. So the names of these two apps are Picsart and Snapseed. We will compare and determine which app is superior. And which app provides you with more benefits?

When we talk about Picsart vs Snapseed, we will compare these two apps by looking at their detailed features. We will determine which app is the best. Besides that, I will also provide you with my review and share my experience with each app. So, stay with us. First, we will discuss what is PicArt and What is Snapseed. Let’s jump in!

What is Picsart?

Picsart is one of the popular photo editing apps. This app provides incredible editing tools like Collage Maker, stickers, effects, layers, and text. You can make your images new with the help of this tool.  But wait, there is more, and you don’t need any subscription to use this tool. The Picsart app is user-friendly, and its use is straightforward. The PicsArt app is available for Android and iOS. You can smoothly run this app using the Android emulator and create beautiful images and you can also download picsart premium apk.

What is Snapseed?

Snapseed is an editing app that helps create attractive images. This app has 29 editing tools that are very effective for enhancing image beauty. You can remove unnecessary things with the help of this app, such as watermarks. Snapseed app is easy to use and available free for download. You will get amazing filters and a variety of frames through this app. This app was launched in 2012, got good ratings, and is available for Android.

Picsart vs Snapseed: Features

Now, we will discuss the PicsArt vs Snapseed features and see which app has the best features. Comparing the features of both apps will help you decide which app is the best for you. Let’s dig a little deeper.

Features of Picsart:

Icon representing image editor feature of picsart

Photo Editor

With the help of the PicsArt online photo editor, you can benefit from AI technology. This app allows you to use any image editing tool without specific rules and regulations. You can use the PicsArt photo editor for mixed editing, changing the background, and adding sketchy effects without restrictions. It contains features for clearing or changing the background as well. Furthermore, PicsArt stickers create amazing effects in your pictures.

Icon representing video editing feature of picsart in PC

Video Editor

You can also use the PicsArt app for editing videos. You can edit your old videos and add impressive effects and filters. Moreover, you can add text to your videos. Thus, you can cut, trim, and resize the video. Music-adding systems and animation tools are also available. With the help of the PicsArt app, you can make videos for business purposes. After adding effects, you will see your videos look awesome.

Features of Snapseed:

Icon representing image editor feature of picsart

Photo Editor

With the help of Snapseed photo editing, you can use filters such as Snapseed fonts, lens blur, tonal contrast, HDR Scape, and glow filters, among others. Additionally, you can improve your image editing experience by utilizing merge tools within this app. One outstanding feature of this app is the ability to work with a 4K resolution, allowing for high-quality editing. It supports editing raw files, and you can adjust the brightness percentage as required. Snapseed background function is also interesting, and you can play different backgrounds.

Picsart vs Snapseed Features: Final Verdict

As you read, both apps are the best for editing purposes. But in my opinion, PicsArt is the best option for you. Because in the picture, you can adjust the picture brightness and contrast. Besides, you can edit videos and create slideshows.

Snapseed vs Picsart: Performance

Now the question is which app has better performance? It depends on the app results. So, let’s take a look at the results of the app.

Picsart Performance

The Picsart application works very well. Its editing tools are very simple. You can smoothly run this app on your Android and iOS devices. It got a good rating, and the picsart users give good reviews. Moreover, this app fulfills all the requirements of users while photo editing and its work quickly. You will get a variety of collages in the PicsArt app, and if you want to know how you use PicsArt collages, you can visit our related page.

Meanwhile, they enjoy their editing process and love this app because its user-friendly interface allows users to express their abilities. PicsArt’s new version gives more advanced editing tools like you can blend photos in PicsArt, which is one of the main reasons for his popularity.

Snapseed Performance

Snapseed Photo Editor works fine, but this app does not have various editing tools. In Snapseed stickers and fonts are available, and you can use this application for image editing, but you can’t use it for business purposes because it does not provide any templates, while PicsArt provides a variety of templates. This application can help you handle heavy images and works fast, but it’s a little complicated for beginners.

Picsart vs Snapseed: Templates

Picsart: Templates

PicsArt offers a lot of templates like business templates, social media templates, Logo templates, invitation templates, and poster templates. You can choose any template and utilize it. You can use these templates free of cost.

Snapseed: Templates

In the Snapseed online editing application, you will not see any templates because this application does not provide this feature.

Final Verdict

Lastly, I recommend you use the PicsArt app because this app has a variety of templates, and all are free to use, while the Snapseed app does not provide this.

Picsart vs Snapseed: Ease of Use

Picsart: Ease of Use

PicsArt has a user-friendly interface, and it is the best app for those who want to add colors and sharp brightness to their images. In Picsart, you can easily access editing tools and apply any filter to your photos or videos because, with the help of PicsArt, it’s not a big deal.

On the other hand, the PicsArt app provides tips and tutorials for good editing. Also, PicsArt has stylish 3D fonts, and you can experiment with these, but if you want to learn how to install fonts in Picsart, open our related article, PicsArt fonts.

Snapseed: Ease of Use

Snapseed use is very simple. Also, You will get some tutorials and tips about using the app that will help you to use the app perfectly. With this tool, You can edit your photos with just a few taps. People who want to make their pictures beautiful can use photo frames. Snapseed is a good choice, and users can easily blur their images.

Final Verdict

To sum up, both tools are easy to use, but Picsart is the first option. Let me show you how because it offers many editing options, and all its tools are easy to use. If you want to download the Picsart app and don’t know how to edit pictures, then you can visit our related article about how to edit photos in PicsArt.

Picsart vs Snapseed: Pricing

When attempting to use a photo editing application, a typical question that comes to everyone’s mind is whether it’s free or not. Do you also want to know the app pricing? So let’s see the PicsArt vs Snapseed pricing details. Well, there are some more free photo editing apps as well with awesome features that you can use to edit your photos.

Picsart Pricing

Screenshot of the all pricing plans of the picsart

When we talk about the pricing of the PicsArt app, it has three pricing plans: One is free, and the other two are premium. PicsArt Gold price is $5/mo. And the good news is that the premium plan has a 7-day free trial. We need to understand the editing app performance because the app’s good performance is the first priority besides money. What do you think?

Snapseed Pricing

On the other hand, Snapseed has no premium plan. It is free to use. But the best editing app decision is based on results. So, let’s see the pros and cons of both apps.

Picsart vs Snapseed: Pros and Cons

Here are a few pros and cons of PicsArt Vs Snapseed.

Picsart Pros and Cons

Variety of TemplatesSometimes work slow
Easy to useIt may be challenging for new users
Social media sharing options availableBrand kit option is not available
You can add stickers and Text
Available on multiple platforms

Snapseed Pros and Cons

Various filtersLimited tools
Good performanceNo Sharing options
Varieties of effects and framesCloud storage is not available for storing your photos
Images Blur option
We can edit raw files.

Picsart Vs Snapseed: Alternatives

Let’s talk about the alternative applications of PicsArt Vs Snapssed.

Picsart Alternatives

Here are the 4 best Picsart alternatives.

  • YouCam Perfect
  • Adobe Photoshop Express
  • Selfstylo
  • Photo Editor Pro

YouCam Perfect

This is one of the best photo editors, and the app helps to create perfect selfies with just the help of a few clicks. Additionally, you can change the background and can add magic animations.

Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop Express is the second-best alternative to the PicsArt app. You can edit images and apply stickers, fonts, emojis, frames, etc. Also, you crop your pictures and make incredible photos.


Selfstylo is a beauty filter app, and you can apply various makeup products on your face to enhance your selfie beauty. Makeup products include lipsticks, Kajol, eyeliner, Mascara, and Eyeshadow. Well, this app is suitable for girls.

Photo Editor Pro

Another alternative is the Photo Editor Pro. You can use this app for basic editing and making unique photos, and it’s free to use. The image blending option is also available in this app.

Snapseed Alternatives

Now, let’s dig a little deeper into the snapseed alternatives. Here are the 4 best Snapseed alternatives.

  • VSCO Image Editor
  • Photo Doresctor photo editor
  • Pixlr photo editor
  • Polarr editor

VSCO Image Editor

VSCO is an image editing app, and it has a user-friendly interface. This app permits you to use many photo editing tools free of cost, including brightness, exposure, and fade. Furthermore, it allows you to share images on social media platforms.

PhotoDirector Photo Editor

This is a trending application offering video and photo editing. There are different tools like magic, effects, cutting, and trimming. You can edit the next-level videos through this app.

Pixlr Photo Editor

It’s a fantastic tool that helps you add amazing effects, and you can play with different frames and layers. This application is suitable for teenagers. In addition, you can share pictures on Facebook, Instagram, and other social platforms via this app.

Polarr Editor

Pollar is another editing app, but Pollar differs from others. Because its unique editing tools make it different. Here is the interesting thing: You can adjust the image depth, and you can save multiple images.

Frequently Asked Questions 

The answer is Yes. The Snapseed application is available for free to use. You can use this application for photo editing.

In the PicsArt editing app, as we mentioned earlier, Picsart has 3 basic plans: one is free, and the other two are premium.

Well, I find the PicsArt tool better because this tool completed all my requirements and provided me with amazing facilities to enhance my image’s beauty.

Picsart vs Snapseed: Final Thoughts- Personal Reviews

In short, wrapping up the comparison between PicsArt vs Snapseed, I’ll share my reviews with you. Picsart is better than Snapseed because it has brush tools, filters, mirror effects, and support layers. In addition, we can create photo collages. It is the best option for those users who want to edit photos and videos professionally. You can set the fonts, colors, and text sizes in this app. It includes the capability to add text to images and align it.

On the other hand, snapseed application does not provide various editing tools. After using these two tools, I found PicsArt to be the best, and I like PicsArt filters very much. So you can try it out. You can contact us if you have any questions about the PicsArt app.

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