Top 10 Best Photo Editing Apps For Android & IOS in 2023

Are you looking for a good video or photo editing app? If yes, I will tell you the 10 best photo editing apps in this article. However, many photo editing apps are available online on the internet. Many people often need clarification about which editing app to use for better editing. Now, you don’t need to worry because this article is for you, and you are in the right place.

Here, I will introduce you to some of the Best photo editing apps that have quickly gained popularity among users. I will also provide you with my reviews on which editing app I find good. Moreover, I will discuss some free apps to edit pictures. So, what are you waiting for? Read this article and find out which editing app is best for you. So, let’s take a closer look at the top 10 best photo editing apps.

How can I choose the Best Photo editing app?

Choosing the best photo editing app may be challenging and put you in a difficult situation. Do you also need clarification about which editing app is the best? So don’t worry; I will clear up your confusion so you can easily decide which app to use and which is the best picture editor app. Here, I’d like to share a few tips to make this decision easier for you.

When choosing the best Photo editing app, First, pay special attention to how user-friendly it is. Second, The app should offer you a wide range of editing tools, smoothing the editing process. Also, remember that this app should be a free photo editing app for iPhone.

10 Best Photo Editing Apps

Thumbnail and feature image of top 10 best photo editing apps

Let’s see which are the 10 best editing apps; as I mentioned, I will tell you.

  1. Picsart – Best Photo & Video Editor App
  2. Snapseed–  Free Photo Editor
  3. Inshot– Best for Video Editing
  4. Vivid AI– Image Generator App
  5. Pixtica– Best app for effects
  6. Adobe Lightroom – Top photo editor app for Android
  7. Remini– All in one photo editing App
  8. YouCam Perfect– Best for Beginners
  9. Promeo – Best Editing App For Businesses
  10. Werble – Best Photo Editor App For Adding Overlays

Picsart – Best Photo & Video Editor App

Screenshot of PicsArt Graphic Design and Photo Editing App

PicsArt is a photo and video editing application. This is one of the top photo editor apps for Android. This app has made editing very easy by providing various editing tools. You can use these tools to make your photos and videos beautiful. Moreover, using this app is very simple. It has received excellent reviews and has quickly become popular among users. People of all ages can use this app because of its user-friendly interface.

In PicsArt, you will find limited filters that you can use to make your images look special. Additionally, there are many effects that you can add to your pictures or videos. You can add special effects to your images according to their background, making them look like a professional video editor has worked on them. This app has everything essential for an editor. It’s all in one photo editing app.

One unique feature of PicsArt is that it allows you to change the background of your pictures. Changing the background enhances the overall quality of your images. You can also remix images and convert them into high-quality videos by adding different effects.

An interesting aspect of this image editing app is that you can change the colors of your photos during the editing process. Whether you want brighter colors or you can adjust facial postures and expressions, it’s easy. So far, PicsArt has been downloaded by over 500 million people. Additionally, the app has received a rating of 4.4. In my opinion, this is the number 1 best photo editing app. The editing process in this app is incredibly simple, just like a piece of cake. Moreover, there is an extended version of Picsart which is called Picsart Gold, you can also download that for free from our website.

PicsArt – Pros and Cons

User-Friendly InterfaceWatermarks in the official version
College FeatureNo Auto
Social media Sharing
Magic Effects and Filters

Snapseed – Free Photo Editor

Scrennshot Interface of snapseed photo editing app

Snapseed is a professional photo editing application. In the age of smartphones, many people have mobile phones, but when they take pictures with them, they don’t get good results. That’s why people are always in search of a good app. Snapseed is the best picture editing app for iPhone. With Snapseed, you can completely transform your old pictures into new ones. Google LLC is its publisher.

Moreover, you don’t need a lot of memory on your device to install this app because it’s only 30 MB. In this app, you’ll find numerous editing tools. You can use any tool of your choice for your editing needs. Its interface is very simple, making editing easy for anyone. Many varieties of tools are available, such as brushes, healing, structure, and many other tools.

Additionally, the brush tool allows you to remove unwanted objects easily. With Snapseed’s help, you can edit your photos with ease. Furthermore, it’s a popular app and offers almost 29 tools for editing, allowing you to enhance your quality. This application has received many reviews, and it has genuine ratings. Mobile users should use this application because it provides everything you need for editing. Snapseed will provide a better experience as it is fully optimized. We have also detailed an article about Picsart vs Snapseed.

Snapseed – Pros and Cons

Free to useDifficult to use for beginners
Available professional editing toolsYou need to learn the process of editing
Easy to use
No Ads

InShot – Best For Video Editing

Scrennshot Interface of inshot photo and video editing app

Indeed, we have discussed many video and photo editing apps before, but this time, I want to tell you about another excellent photo editing app called ‘InShot.’ InShot is an amazing video and photo editing app with over 100 million downloads. It is also exclusively available for mobile devices, and people love this app because of its user-friendly interface.

Moreover, InShot has many features, but one special aspect of this app is that you can use it for free without needing an internet connection. In the InShot app, you can add various effects to edit your videos. Moreover, you’ll find various stickers within the app if you want to add cool stickers to your videos during editing. Many editing options are available, including adding text, cropping, background changing, etc.

In the InShot mod apk, you won’t encounter boring ads, allowing you to edit smoothly without any disturbances. Furthermore, after editing your photos in the InShot mod app, you can easily share them on social media platforms and gather reviews from friends and family members. This way, you can enhance your editing skills further. Moreover, This app can create videos for platforms like TikTok and Instagram.

Furthermore, a significant feature of InShot is that you can modify the speed of your videos. This means if there’s a specific part of your video that you want to play in slow motion, you can easily do that with the help of InShot. Whether you want to speed up or slow down a particular video section, it’s all possible with this app.

InShot continues to introduce new features regularly. If there’s a part of your photos and video that you don’t like, you can simply cut it using this app. You’ll find a cutting tool within the app for this purpose. Additionally, this app is also available for iOS users.

InShot – Pros and Cons

Photo resizing functionNo Zoom Feature
Photo Sharing featureSome paid features
Stickers and Text
Background change feature

Vivid AI – Image Generator App

Scrennshot Interface of Vivid AI photo editing app

Did you know how vivid.AI works? Vivid.AI is an image app created by PicUP.AI that utilizes machine learning to understand human behaviors and facial expressions. This cutting-edge technology has revolutionized how we interact with digital characters, making them more lifelike and immersive than ever before.

By using this AI generator, your photos turn into excellent drawings. You now enhance the quality of your pictures. You will easily convert your photo into a nuanced picture if it is blurry. Vivid AI represents a significant breakthrough in artificial intelligence by bringing digital characters to life like never before. Its sophisticated algorithms enable the creation of realistic virtual humans with endless potential across various industries.

Vivid.AI is used to make your picture as perfect as you want. It converts your black-and-white picture into a color picture. A blurred photo converts into a high-quality resolution picture with perfect pixels. What do you need to do? Upload your video or image, and the AI works; you can convert your image to the next level of graphics.

Many industries use vivid AI: you can make eye-catching graphics for your social media, for any Google campaign or your website, for your product package, and so on, in multiple areas of industries. You get the best result with the help of intelligent AI.

Viid.AI interface is very user-friendly for professionals and beginners always searching for excellent graphics. Surly, when you use it, you will feel the beauty. One of the critical advantages of Vivid AI is its ability to save time and resources in creating visually appealing content. With traditional methods, artists would need extensive hours or even days to produce complex visuals from scratch.

Vivid. AI-generated visuals look realistic and possess artistic flair that makes them stand out. Users have complete control over customizing these visuals further by adjusting parameters such as color schemes, composition, and overall aesthetic. This app size is 157.7 MB.

Vivid AI – Pros and Cons

Smart DashboardNeed much storage
Advance CapabilitiesAvailable in a few languages
Update Automatically
Simple To use

Pixtica – Best App For Effects

Scrennshot Interface of Pixtica photo editing app

Are you in love with clicking? Pixtica is for you. Pixtica is one of the great photo editing apps. When you want to capture the most stunning picture or video, you rely on Pixtca. By using Pixtica, you are capable of capturing the’s easy to use for professionals and newbies.

Pixtica Works is so easy to use. It offers many photography modes, including manual controls, burst mode, slow motion, and time-lapse, to make you the perfect video or picture. Pixtica has many effects for the best picture you can ever imagine.

Different types of lenses, filters, and effects make a combination of wow. Pixtica offers advanced editing tools that allow users to fine-tune their images or videos directly within the app. Pixtica is an exceptional mobile photography app with user-friendly functionality and powerful features. You need Pixtica if you’re an aspiring photographer or a seasoned pro looking for a convenient on-the-go solution. Pixtica has everything you need to capture breathtaking moments effortlessly.

Once you have captured your desired shot, Pixtica provides an array of editing tools to refine and enhance your photos. With all adjustments available, like brightness and contrast, to more advanced features like selective focus and filters, you have complete control over the final look of your image.

Furthermore, Pixtica is a professional picture editing app, and it offers creative effects like bokeh blur, double exposure, and light painting features that allow users to experiment with different artistic styles and add a touch of uniqueness to their visual content.

In addition to its robust shooting capabilities and editing tools, Pixtica offers seamless integration with social media platforms. Pixtica provides a comprehensive set of editing tools to help you achieve the perfect look.

Pixtica is a cutting-edge mobile photography software that blends cutting-edge technology with user-friendly features. Whether you’re an aspiring photographer or love capturing moments on your smartphone, Pixtica enables you to use your imagination and effortlessly capture spectacular visuals.

Pixtica – Pros and Cons

Work very wellIt’s a little bit annoying
Advanced filtersUnavailable for IOS
Various types of lenses
Photos adjustment function

Adobe Lightroom – Top photo editor app for Android

Scrennshot Interface of Adobe Lightroom photo editing app

Adobe Lightroom is one of the best and most popular editing tools available for photo editing. The best thing about this program is that it offers a simple but influential all-in-one workflow solution for enthusiastic photographers. Furthermore, it enables the editors to import, edit, organize, and output all the editing photos from one window.

You can do everything with Lightroom as a photographer needed. So. it’s well known due to its unrivaled image organization and cataloging aspect. Yet, it plays a fantastic role in photo editing tasks. On the other hand, this excellent software has just adopted massive features of Photoshop. Moreover, it offers multiple options to share your photographs.

Also, you can convert images into prints or books. So, Lightroom can do everything, and it is one of the trending photo editing apps.

After developing the Luminar AI editing tool, only some editors and photographers are satisfied with Adobe Lightroom’s subscription-only access. However, they prefer Luminar AI because this tool requires only a one-off payment. Thus, does the Lightroom program have such features to please professional photographers?

Yes, this software is best for pro shooters. They should find all the required features if they benefit from its subscription model. Our experts rank it as one of the best image management apps. Besides, it is best for professional photographers who want an easy way to export their creativity and transfer it to their clients. It has a super easy-to-use interface that every photographer wants.

Adobe Lightroom is a non-destructive software. So. it does not alter the image files. Instead, it keeps a record of any modification done to the image. This impressive software offers numerous creative adjustment tools. It includes a Graduated filter, adjustment brush, and post-crop vignette. It has a quick development panel that enables you to do batch processes and use presets for several images at once. Lightroom’s flexible architecture allows for effortless integration with numerous third-party plugins. We have covered more details about Picsart vs Lightroom as well.

Adobe Lightroom – Pros and Cons

Color correction functionIt Consume battery very fast
Face DetectionYou need to understand color grading
Lens Correction
Easy To Use

Remini – All-in-One Photo Editing App

Scrennshot Interface of Reminin photo editing app

Remini editing app is an excellent photo editing app that enhances your photos beautifully. Within this app, you’ll find various filters, effects, and editing tools that enhance your editing skills. Numerous templates make transforming your photos into unique and stunning creations easy. Furthermore, you can add text to your photos, customize backgrounds, and add stickers. Remini editing app also offers the option to cut extra space in your photos, making your editing experience even more versatile.

Moreover, The user-friendly interface of the Remini photo editing app enhances your editing experience, providing convenient access to various features. Importantly, the mod version unlocks all locked features and eliminates ads, ensuring a seamless editing process. One crucial aspect is the option to remove watermarks from pictures, which significantly improves the overall impact of your creations. With Remini Mod APK, you can enjoy free access to all premium features, allowing you to make impressive photos without limitations.

Remini Mod APK offers advanced tools that can significantly enhance your photos, regardless of age. With these tools, you can easily add vibrant colors and beautify your images, giving them a fresh and appealing look. It’s incredibly easy to use, transforming old photos into visually stunning creations. So far, millions of people have downloaded this app and benefited from its features. Using this app is safe, and it offers outstanding keyframe features.

The best part is that you don’t need an internet connection to use it. You can freely utilize thousands of fonts within the app without any cost. There are no special rules and regulations to follow when using advanced filters in this app. Therefore, you can use it without any concerns or worries.

Remini – Pros and Cons

Lots of stickersTechnical issues
You can add TextSlow Loading
No rules and regulations
Varieties of Backgrounds

YouCam Perfect – Best For Beginners

Scrennshot Interface of Youcam Perfect photo editing app

One of the best photo editing apps is YouCam Perfect. Using this app is easy. It has gained millions of downloads and received many positive reviews. In this app, you get all the tools for free. Moreover, this app offers you various tools to enhance your photos’ beauty. You’ll find numerous editing features such as no watermark, Changing background, body shape, AI object removal, and Sky Replacement.

Additionally, it is easy to merge photos using this app. Whether you want to adjust colors or increase or decrease brightness, you can do it all with this app. In short, you can do professional-level editing with this app. Using the YouCam perfect, you can create high-quality photos and receive positive reviews from your friends, family members, and even on social media platforms. The app has a 4.3 rating and is available for Android devices. This app provides all the features needed to edit a photo, and it gets 6.6M downloads and quickly gains popularity. Moreover, downloading this app is safe.

Another good feature is the AI avatars and AI selfie filters. This tool is also an essential feature of this app, allowing you to add anything you want during editing. The best thing is you can edit body shape naturally using this tool. This app provides various background-changing options, making it fit for professionals and beginners. Editing with this app is incredibly easy, regardless of your skill level.

In short, this app provides templates and photo frame features. After editing your photos, you can edit them again if you want to make further changes. You can try this app for photo editing purposes.

YouCam Perfect – Pros and Cons

Tattoo filter availableThe photo quality is not good
Enhance pictures brightnessSome people do not like this app
Magic Brush
Add Frames

Promeo – Best Editing App For Businesses

Scrennshot Interface of Promeo photo editing app

Editing photos is an art, and promeo assists you in becoming an artist. This is a digital world of social media. Promeo is the best professional photo editing app. The usage of Promeo is growing daily because of its innovative features, and its interface is very simple. Anyone who has never used an editing app can still easily use Promeo because it is easy to handle.

Promeo app is for everyone. It does not matter if you are just starting your editing journey or you are an expert. This app is very easy to use and helpful for all kinds of people. It assists you in editing photos in three small steps: firstly, choose one template, customize it according to your taste, and share it on your social media. You can use it for every platform, like Instagram, YouTube, etc.

The main purpose of promeo is to provide distinctive features to make photographs look aesthetic. Pictures are most important today, and Promeo is helping social media influencers and marketers in their journeys. Whatever your purpose, promeo is the best app for you.

Want to know more about its amazing features? Hold on! Were you worried about your product demos? You will be happiest after using its features because it’s a very cool photo editing app. It has over 10,000 templates for social media. You can add copyright-free music to your videos, fun stickers, and filters to your photographs.

Looks fun to you? Promeo has this specialty in its templates. It is best for professional editors and those wanting to grow their business through their amazing social media influence.

Promeo – Pros and Cons

Ai PowerA little bit difficult to use for new people
User friendlyDid not meet someone’s expectations
Variety of templates
Sharing social platforms

Werble – Best Photo Editor App For Adding Overlays

Scrennshot Interface of Werble photo editing app

Werble is a photo editing app that we can use easily. It can be used on iOS and Android both. The purpose of this app is to give your photographs a unique element. This app has different effects and filters that can provide a special look to your photographs.

If you want to give a holo effect to people by looking at your photographs on your social media, werble is your best choice. Moreover, the main purpose of this photo editing app is to give an excellent experience to people because it can provide high-quality visual content. Everyone is fond of pictures, which will enhance your photograph’s quality to its best. Ultimately, Werble will work like a charm for you.

Have you seen pictures of your friends that are giving a vibe to you? They are using Werble for all these effects. Because it helps add particular elements like ice, fire, rain, and other natural elements to your pictures. You can make your photographs look aesthetic by adding animations. Furthermore, custom typography will help to add text to your photographs. This app allows you to change the color and Fonts of your pictures and make them look more eye-catching.

This application gives you various stickers and masks and provides double exposure. You can use a double exposure feature to make your photographs look dreamy. You can blur your background so that the subject in the picture looks more aesthetic and pleasant.

In short, Werble is a useful and popular photo editor for Android and a helpful tool for your photographs because it can make them look good. It assists you in adding cool elements and removing certain things in your photographs you do not want. It is a very easy photo editing app to use. Yes, it is. You will not regret your choice.

Werble – Pros and Cons

1000 plus effectsNeed Improvement
Secure to useSlow Working
Regular updates
Free to use

Why is the best Photo Editing App So Essential?

The need for the best photo editing app is felt when you want to create your professional photos and want to add some text, stickers, and so on. Even if you have a good smartphone, you can shoot videos and capture pictures, but you won’t have all the features, and neither will you get the quality that a good video editing app can provide. Moreover, The best photo editing app is essential because it makes your photos beautiful and unique.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

I believe it. The PicsArt app is one of the best photo editing apps for adding stickers, Fonts, and text.

Various apps have been mentioned in this article, including Snapseed, PicsArt, and InShot, but I find PicsArt to be the best.

The PicsArt app offers a variety of background-changing opportunities. You can download this app on our download button, and it’s completely free.

  1. First, Go to your favorite editing app.
  2. Second, Click on the edit button.
  3. Thirdly, Apply filters according to your wish
  4. Lastly, After finishing the picture editing, click on the save option.


In Short, After reading this article, deciding which app to use will be easier. I have discussed the Top 10 best photo editing apps here, and all these are offline photo editing apps, along with their features. And now. The question is, which is the best photo editing app? If I were to share my experience, the app that provided me with the best experience is PicsArt. This app is excellent because it contains all the features necessary for professional editing.

Moreover, It’s also beginner-friendly. I encourage you to try PicsArt; I believe you won’t be disappointed. Because PicsArt is one of the latest photo editing apps. Many people have shared positive reviews about this app, and reviews can’t be wrong. So, give this app a try at least once. You can download the PicsArt app for free from our website’s download button.

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